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Starry Heavens Newsletter
August 2015
ExoWorld and Martian Naming Opportunities
Getting tired of the political name calling yet? Take a break and vote for something extra terrestrial for a change! Fifteen stars and 32 planets will be up for official naming from now until the end of October. Brought to you by the same group that reclassified Pluto (from a Planet to a Dwarf Planet), the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is giving the public a chance to vote on the official names for these candidates from a selected list. People have been naming stars and planets for centuries, but this is the first time that these bodies will be named by popular vote, replacing their current scientific designations. 
The IAU is the recognized authority among the astronomical community to officially name planets and celestial objects, and should NOT to be confused with the businesses that take payment to "name a star". These star naming fads are the equivalent of selling the Brooklyn Bridge, and are only useful if you don't mind spending your hard earned cash for a piece of paper that won't be recognized officially.
The current ExoWorlds campaign is now up on the IAU website and voting will be open until Oct. 31, 2015. The website contains the 247 proposed names that were submitted from astronomy clubs and other non-profit organizations around the world. More information and links can be found here, as well as on the official voting site
                                          Map of candidate ExoWorlds - click to enlarge      
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Calling on Mars
The next "naming opportunity" is a bit different. This NASA sponsored activity is open to folks that want to go to Mars--virtually. NASA is inviting you to go along with a mission to the Red Planet. Called InSight, the Mars lander is scheduled to launch in 2016, and will carry a microchip with the names of registered participants to the planet. InSight is the first mission dedicated to the investigation of the planet's deep interior. 
There have been similar activities from NASA previously, and this particular opportunity comes with "frequent flier" points that will reflect your participation in this voyage as well as in future NASA missions. Unfortunately, these miles won't be transferable to terrestrial airlines (you can imagine the perks), but you will have the satisfaction of being a part of the journey and exploration through our solar system.
Go to to submit your name. Don't miss the flight--this offer ends on September 8. I've got my boarding pass!


New Season at the Imaginarium
Fall Preview
It's here! A new season of programs at the Hokulani Imaginarium, including a dinosaur show and a Halloween bash, is underway. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we wanted to invite you to a special, free showing of two planetarium programs--one from Argentina and one from Hawaii. 
On Thursday, August 6 (see poster below), the Imaginarium will be hosting Malargue Planetarium's premiere of Cosmic Rays, translated into English by the producers. Cosmic Rays is an compelling overview of the high energy particles forged in the cataclysmic aftermaths of supernovae, and the relevance of cosmic ray research done at an Argentinian observatory.
In addition, the Imaginarium will offer one of our signature programs, Maunakea Between Earth & Sky, immediately after Cosmic Rays. We hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of this special offerings and experience these two programs from separate parts of the world. We will NOT be taking reservations for these two programs, but will accommodate those attending on a first come, first served basis. 
Representatives from the Malargue Planetarium are in town to attend the International Astronomical Union (IAU) conference this month. There are several other opportunities for the public to participate in talks and star parties--see the IAU Conference website for more information.

Regarding the Fall 2015 schedule, there is a small change in our programs this season. Saturday programs are now an hour earlier. Otherwise, look for regular Stargazing on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month and the double feature Friday programs with the concert shows, Led Zeppelin and Sounds of the Underground. 

Previewing the rest of the semester, October will be a busy month. On October 3rd, Windward Community College will again host the annual Windward Ho'olaulea. On this day we will have a blockbuster lineup of programs at the Imaginarium, from Sesame Street's One World, One Sky to the premiere of Flying Monsters. Flying Monsters is produced by National Geographic and explains the rise of the pterosaurs, ancient winged creatures that dominated the prehistoric skies.
Also coming up this season is a big Halloween event on October 30, and Season of Light during the holidays. 
Thursday, Aug. 6 @ 7:30 & 8:00PM  FREE programs at the Imaginarium 
(No reservations for these two special programs)

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WCC in Space
Maybe you've noticed recently that Windward Community College, along with Kauai CC, Honolulu CC, and Kapiolani CC, have been highlighted in the news. The four campuses have partnered on a unique project that will launch a payload into space. PROJECT IMUA is a joint faculty-student enterprise that designed, fabricated and tested its first payload called PIP, which is scheduled to launch on August 11
The primary launch window is between midnight -12:30AM HST and is scheduled to stream live via the NASA Wallops website.
For more information on Project Imua, see this UH News link.

August Schedule 
The new schedule from August 2015 through January 2016 is now online!  August dates and times are below, but more information on programs and updates to our schedule are posted on our website or our Facebook page.

Wednesday, August 12 – 7:00pm 
Stargazing  (Live program in the Imaginarium with Krissie Kellogg.)
Saturday, August 22 – 1:00pm*
Perfect Little Planet
Saturday, August 22 – 2:00pm*
*NOTE: tickets for each show sold separately

Friday, August 28 – 7:00pm*
Maunakea Between Earth & Sky
Friday, August 28 – 8:15pm *
Sounds of the Underground
*NOTE: tickets for each show sold separately

September Schedule 
The new schedule from August 2015 through January 2016 is now online!  This month's dates and times are below, but more information on programs and updates to our schedule are posted on our website or our Facebook page.

Wednesday, Sept. 9 – 7:00pm 
Stargazing  (Live program in the Imaginarium with Krissie Kellogg.)
Saturday, Sept. 19 – 1:00pm*
Kaluokahina: Enchanted Reef
Saturday, Sept. 19 – 2:00pm*
*NOTE: tickets for each show sold separately

Friday, Sept. 25 – 7:00pm*
Dream To Fly
Friday, Sept. 25 – 8:15pm *
Led Zeppelin
*NOTE: tickets for each show sold separately

Call (808) 235-7433 for reservations. 
Although we recommend reservations for our programs, our reservations line does NOT take calls or messages after 4pm on Fridays and is closed on holidays. However, we DO have limited seats available on a first come, first served basis. Please plan on coming early (at least 30 minutes prior to the show) if you would like a walk-in ticket.

You may find more details regarding these programs on our website, or call the Imaginarium office at (808) 235-7350. 
Or follow Imaginarium news via our Facebook posts.

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As always, we welcome your feedback or questions, or if you would like more information regarding our Adopt-a-Show sponsorship. Please feel free to phone or e-mail us at the contacts provided at the end of this newsletter.


Due to limited seating, we recommend making reservations for our programs.
Call (808) 235-7433 between 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.
(Reservation phone line is not available on weekends.)
CASH & CHECK ONLY   An ATM is located on campus behind the Imaginarium building, next to The Hub coffeeshop.

Please arrive at the Imaginarium at least 30 minutes before showtime. Reserved tickets must be picked up at the Imaginarium box office at least 15 minutes prior to start of program. Unclaimed tickets are released for sale to walk-in customers on a first come, first served basis.
Carolyn Kaichi, Imaginarium Manager
(808) 235-7350
Wednesday, Sept. 9
The Enchanted Reef
Saturday,  Sept. 19
Saturday,  Sept. 19
Dream to Fly
Friday,  Sept. 25
Led Zeppelin
Friday,  Sept. 25
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