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Among the numerous teacher workshops that have been conducted by the CAE was a No Child Left Behind program that was offered over three summers (2007-2009) to K-12 teachers. WCC's CAE and the Kailua/Kalaheo DOE Complex were awarded a $263,000 grant under the Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, which supported K-12 teacher workshops for improving science and mathematics skills as mandated by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

As its named implies, this Teacher Training through Hands-On and Excursion-Based Activities in Aerospace Science workshop emphasized activity-based training. Hands-on lessons included instruction with such tools as astronomical, GPS and GIS instruments and software. This NCLB grant also provided each teacher participant with several of the instruments used in the workshops, such as a GPS unit and a spectrometer. In addition, a complete classroom set of each activity including all workshop instruments was purchased and stored at Kailua Intermediate School, which acted as a lending source for each participant whenever they incorporated any of the lessons learned in their own classroom.

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Besides familiarizing the teachers with all the CAE resources facilities, excursions were held at other museums and science facilities, including the Bishop Museum and Pacific Aviation Museum—Pearl Harbor. In addition, a two-day trip to the Big Island was planned that included visits to the Mauna Kea Observatories (elevation 13,800 feet) with a private guided tour of the Gemini Observatory, a hike to Lake Waiau, and evening observations at Hale Pohaku (9,000-foot level). The following day, a geologist provided a special tour of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Later that afternoon, the group visited the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo.

Click for a full outline of this NCLB Workshop schedule for details on each activity and excursion.

Teacher also earned Professional Development credit at a follow-up session in December where they presented a portfolio of the lessons they had developed based on this NCLB workshop.



Excursion Activities


Summit of Mauna Kea - elevation 13,800 feet. Facing Subaru Observatory (left); Keck I and Keck II Observatories (white domes).



Hiking Mauna Kea - with Mauna Loa in background.



Group in front of Gemini Mirror - diameter of mirror is 8.1 m (319 inches).
Gemini North - tour of Gemini Observatory


Joe Ciotti & Tony Matulonis - former student of Dr.Ciotti (telescope operstor at Gemini and tour guide for group).
Lake Waiau - at elevation 13,020 this lake is the huighest in the Pacific rim..


Volcanoes Nation Park - teachers with geologist guide Dr. Steve Lundblad.



Halemaumau Crater - learning about the caldera with geologist guide Dr. Cheryl Gansecki.



Volcanoes National Park - hiking tour with Dr. Cheryl Gansecki.
Tour of 'Imiloa Astronomy Center - Dr. Joe Ciotti served as Technical Officer and helped to design this planetarium at UH Hilo.


Pacifica Aviation Museum—Pearl Harbor Tour - teachers on flight simulators.
Pacifica Aviation Museum—Pearl Harbor Tour - this facility is now called the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum


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