Haunted Village

Halloween at the CAE


From the very year it opened, the CAE has sponsored Halloween events for the entire family. Unlike traditional haunted houses, the aim was to bring the community together for a spooky, but not scary, festival where kids were safe pretend and the entire family could joined in on the fun. Halloweeners can roam about an expansive village where their imaginations take flight -- a place where they can learn the science behind magic and optical illusions -- while being entranced with the mysteries of Halloween.

And so Haunted Village was born. Each Halloween, one corner of the WCC campus gets transformed in an decorative village where visitors can roam and engage in various activities. Each Haunted Village features a Dr. Frankenstein Physics Lab of hands on science experiments, a planetarium show produced by the Imaginarium called Nightwalk, josting with knights on the lawn, a pumpkin carving patch, a custom contest, face painting, a storytelling corner, a monster movie theater and many other activities. The village gets elaborately decorated with large Halloween inflatables, luminaries, torch lanterns, a cemetery scene, colorful banners and many other attractions.

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Haunted Village Scenes


Spooky Storytelling Corner


Face Painting


Josting with Knights from the
Society for Creative Anachronism

Paliku Theatre Actors


Dr. Frankenstein's Phantom Physics Lab


Under the Black Light in Dr. Frankenstein's Lab


Resting in the Cemetery


Luminaries and Torches Lighting Up the Village


Pumpkin Patch




Haunted Snow Globe


It's Alive and Big!


Kids Duck Pond Game


A Stroll through the Haunted Village Cemetery


Waiting for Nightwalk Planetarium Show


Inside the Imaginarium Ticket Booth


Signing up for the Costume Contest


Costume Contestant


Costume Contestants


Costume Contestant


Costume Contestants


Sleepy Hallow Hearst


Scarecrow Patch


Pumpkins Galore


Cafe-o'-Horrors (aka Food Booth)


Kids Halloween Theater


Pirates Cove


Haunted Village Crew (Makana, Joe and Nainoa)



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updated: 2/22/22