About Lanihuli Observatory

Lanihuli Observatory promotes astronomical and meteorological learning activities. Its log-periodic, steerable radio telescope operates in partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Radio Jove Project.  Its custom-made heliostat consists of two optically flat 8-inch rooftop mirrors which direct sunlight down to a Meade LXD55 6" refractor with 8" flat mirrors that is equipped with a SolarMax 90mm H-Alpha filter. The observatory’s 16-inch Meade LX200 optical telescope is computer-controlled on a permanent equatorial fork-mount that’s fixed on a raised platform in a separate observing room. Lanihuli also operates a NOAA weather satellite tracking station, an on-site weather facility and a cosmic ray telescope in conjunction with the national QuarkNet group. The observatory?s control room duplicates as a Visitor’s Gallery with astronomy kiosks and a 2-foot diameter Magic Planet interactive display.

     Lat:            N    21°   24'  36"   (N   21.410083°)
     Long:         W 157°   48'  55"   (W 157.815167°)
     Elevation:  300 ft  = 91 m        



Center for Aerospace Education
Windward Community College
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updated: 2/12/22