Cosmic Ray Detector

WCC 's solar telerscope (heliostat), which was custom made and installed by Michael Marcus of Observatory Scope, consists of a roof-mounted Meade 8-inch LX200 mount that tracks the sun with an 8-inch optical flat mirror. The solar rays are then re-directed down into the control room by a second permanenly mounted 8-inxh optically flat mirror.

The sun's image is then projected onto a screen by a vertically mounted Meade 5-inch achromat refractor. Observers can also view the sun's image directly through the eyepiece when a Coronado SolarMax 90 alpha-filter system is attached.

Heliostat Heliostat


Heliostat Heliostat




Sample photographs
Sunspots May 2012
Sunspots 5-18-2012
(Joseph Ciotti)
Mercury Transit 2006
Transit of Mercury 11-8-2006 (Joshua Langley)
Venus Transit 2004
Transit of Venus 6-8-2004
(Joseph Ciotti)


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