Radio Telescope

A Gallery of Radio Spectrograms

Richard Flagg
Affiliate Radio Engineer & Astronomer
Windward Community College Radio JOVE

Radio spectrograms are generated by special receivers that depict signal strength as a function of both time and frequency. In the following images blue represents a low signal level while red is strong. These displays are useful for Jove observers to see where activity is occurring in real-time.  The horizontal (x-axis) is universal time and the vertical (Y-axis) is frequency in MHz.  The following gallery of spectrograms will give you some idea of the appearance and diversity of Jovian and solar emissions as well as other signals often seen on the spectrograms.  

Jovian Spectrograms


Solar Spectrogram


Solar Spectrogram

Major Solar Events

Radio spectrograms of major Solar Events in 2014 were recorded by the Radio JOVE telescope at WCC. Solar maximum had occurred in April 2014 with the number of sunspots peaking at 114 for that solar cycle 24 (well below average of 179), which makes these two events very dramatic.

Solar Spectrogram

Solar Spectrogram


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updated: 2/20/22