Queen Light Show
From Mercury with Love
with Encore

The Queen Light Show—From Mercury with Love features Queen's greatest hits and sets them to eye-popping visuals under the planetarium dome. This feature show is followed by a special Encore performance, produced by the Hokulani Imaginarium, especially for loyal Queen fans.

Queen Light Show:
   produced by: Robert T. Longway Planetarium
   directed by:   Buddy Stark & Brian Wolf
   visual resources: Magic Music Visuals,
                        Evans & Sutherland, and Pixabay

   produced by: Hokulani Imaginarium
   directed by:   Joseph Ciotti
   visual resources: Clark Planetarium

Music by Queen

Runtime: 53 min
     (Queen Light Show: 36 min + Encore: 17 min)

Audience: suitable for ages 13 and up

Queen Light Show Playlist

Warning: This show contains strobe effects that may affect photosensitive viewers.

Queen Light Show

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Center for Aerospace Education
Hokulani Imaginarium
Windward Community College

updated: 11/3/22