Maori Legends
Rona and the Moon

Rona and the Moon tells the New Zealand story of how Marama, the Moon, came to look the way it does in our southern skies today.

We meet Rona in a quaint fishing village on the night of a full moon, as she prepares a feast for her family’s return from the great seas. Rona’s sharp temper, quick tongue and impulsive actions have life-changing consequences. 

This Award-winning animation was created by OHU Domes and features recordings of traditional Māori Instruments by Richard Nunns.

Produced by OHU Domes

Narrated by Te Kohe Tuhaka, TāneaHeke, and Rangimoana Taylor,

Runtime: 5 min

Audience: suitable for all audiences

Maori Legends Rona and the Moon

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updated: 1/14/22