Far Out Space Places

Go on a virtual vacation to the top spots in the solar system! 

Visitors will explore the magnificent surfaces of the planets, moons and asteroids through the latest images captured by interplanetary spacecraft.  Hike through the canyons on Mars, dive beneath the oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa, trek around the craters of the asteroid Eros or journey to the tenth, newly discovered planet in our solar system, affectionately named Xena.

Produced by the Carnegie Science Center and adapted by Windward Community College especially for its Imaginarium, this visually rich, interactive show allows the audience to create its own itinerary to far out space places.  Using the control buttons at each theater seat, visitors can select from over 100 different tour packages, making each show a unique experience.


Produced by Buhl Planetarium at Carnegie Science Center

Runtime: varies (interactive show)

Audience: suitable for grades 3 and up

Educational Standards



Historical Note: Far Out Space Places was the first interactive
          show at the Hokulani Imaginarium.

Center for Aerospace Education
Hokulani Imaginarium
Windward Community College

updated: 1/16/22