Cosmic Perceptions

Cosmic Perceptions takes the Imaginarium audience on a journey across the seas of time and space—from Stonehenge to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Learn how we observe and perceive nature by taking an imaginary flight on a beam of light into the human eye, down the optic nerve and across the neurons in our brain.

Cosmic Perceptions also tells the story of how astronomers are expanding our knowledge of the heavens with new and more powerful telescopes.

Through the use of the Imaginarium's interactive response system, audience members will get a chance to challenge their own understanding of the Cosmos.

Produced by Buhl Planetarium at Carnegie Science Center

Runtime: 35 min

Audience: suitable for grades 3 and up

Educational Standards



Historical Note: Cosmic Perceptions was the first planetarium show
         presented at the Hokulani Imaginarium.

Center for Aerospace Education
Hokulani Imaginarium
Windward Community College

updated: 1/16/22