What is the Hokulani Imaginarium?
Windward Community College's Hokulani Imaginarium is a high-tech planetarium and multi-media facility.

What does "Hokulani" mean?
In Hawaiian, "hoku" means "star" and "lani" means "heavens", so Hokulani means for Starry Heavens.

How big is the Imaginarium?
The theatre has a 40-foot dome with 84 seats and four spaces for wheelchairs.

What is special about the seats?
Each seat is equipped with an interactive control panel so the audience can actively participate in the program by using the buttons to interact with the visual display on the screen above.

interactive seating

Dome Cross Section
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Is the Imaginarium open to the public?
Yes, there are usually three regularly scheduled public shows each month. For public show information and pricing, click here.

How can school groups book visits to the Imaginarium?
For school visit information, click here.

Hokulani Imaginarium

What kind of technology does the Imaginarium use?
The Imaginarium uses a Digistar II projector along with an array of special effects AV equipment.

What makes the Digistar II so cool?
While movies create the illusion of motion by showing 24 frames per second and TV uses 30 frames per second, the Digistar II system displays 60 pictures per second. Since the computer images are generated on the spot (unlike film which is fixed in nature), audiences can sense a more realistic illusion of movement through space—as if you were really flying.

What kinds of things can the Digistar II show?
Any 3D image, such as models of molecules and architectural renderings of buildings or cities can be displayed. The audience can experience a bigger-than-life journey through the human body, explore inside a DNA molecule, tour around an archaeological site (like the pyramids or a heiau), rocket across space to another galaxy, or travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.

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