UHCC Project Imua Payload: PrIME

Honolulu—Kapi‘olani—Kaua‘i—Windward Community College

                      Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium

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Payload specs

     Dimension of Housing: approximately 10" x 10" x 5"

     Weight with baseplate: 14.75 lbs

     Material: aluminum 6061, teflon and lead ballast


     •  ScubeR — sublimation rocket (WinCC) with nosecose Hammerhead cameras (KauCC)

     •  Mobius Video and Still Cameras (HonCC)

     •  IMU [9-axis motion detector with pressure device] (HonCC)

     •  Thermocouple (KapCC)

     •  Neutron-Gamma Ray Detector (KauCC)

Name: PrIME

     •  acronym for "Project Imua Multiple Experiments”



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