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The NASA Flight Training AEL is a high-tech computer classroom designed to give students in grades 7-12 a project-based learning environment for applying skills in math and science. Students work at a variety of interactive stations to explore either:

• AERONAUTICS scenario where students gather essential data to complete a cross-country flight

• MICROGRAVITY scenario where students explore phenomena and processes normally masked by the effects of gravity

School Visit Information:

Cost: FREE

Hours: The NASA AEL is available Monday-Saturday, 9am-3pm. A typical class visit usually takes 3 hours.

Location: The NASA AEL is located at 'Imiloa 136 at Windward Community College. Click here for a campus map.

Training: Teachers must complete a free, 1-hour training session before booking a class visit to the lab. Training sessions are available by dropping in on Saturdays from 9am-1pm or by appointment.

Appointments: Contact Jake Hudson at 347-8246 or (put "NASA AEL" in subject heading of email).


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Highlights of the NASA AEL include:

Flight Simulator




A Virtual Reality simulator that allows students to engage in the multi-task experience for flight. Participants can choose from a variety of vehicles—from a Skyhawk-172 aircraft to a 747 commercial jet to NASA's Space Shuttle.




A research-grade wind tunnel provides students the opportunity to explore the physics of fluid and aerodynamics.

wind tunnel


Drop Tower












A Drop Tower that enables students to experiment with zero gravity.


WCC joins with 32 other colleges, universities and science centers across the nation in this joint educational venture with NASA.


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